PMI reputation has become synonymouse with craftsmanship,
artistry and perfection with our industry


Attention to detail sets PMI Homes apart


Beauty meet functionality
Every PMI Homes project blends unmatched beauty with everyday functionality

PMI Homes, inc. fine home building

PMI is a company that has a client focus on custom home building and remodeling with a distinction of true creativity concentrated around a person’s individual vision of what is to be designed and created. Homes fashioned in alliance with an individual’s perception with a true balance between a desire and a need. Operating with a standard that a home is not just constructed but rather designed and created with an artistic balance along with unique levels of creativity, craftsmanship and technology. A building process that is contrary to the industry standards with unmatched results.

PMI reputation has become synonymous with craftsmanship, artistry and perfection with our industry. We invite you to discover the tradition that continues strong in today’s market. Each home is masterfully marked by an artful mixture of designs, creativity and technology. The concept behind our longevity is believing that a home is much more than the sum of its parts. By creating an extraordinary balance of craftsmanship based on an artistic vision with design PMI has evolved with the highest level of customer satisfaction demonstrating an uncommon distinction within the industry.

PMI offers an orchestra of the finest in architecture, engineering, landscape design, interior design and home automation and technology. Your home is developed within a program that revolves within the Owners living environment. Any design concept can craftfully be incorporated into the design development stage. Residential elevators, home offices, wine cellars, underground rooms/tunnels, safe rooms, theater rooms, automated security, Audio/Video and lighting, indoor and outdoor pools/spas, saunas, theme spaces such as trophy rooms, art exhibit spaces, true gourmet kitchens, aquariums, hidden rooms, residential car wash, greenhouse, atriums, residential bowling alley, and water features. Our capabilities are virtually endless. Our creative building process involves true artisans who pride themselves in their final product that displays a level of creativity that is genuinely unmatched.